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recalibrate workshop


you're invited to  p r e s s // p a u s e


a workshop that offers tools to slow down, tune in, and stay the course. summer is governed by the pitta elements of fire and water. too much fire can lead to crashing and burning, drying out, and to seeking what, in ayurveda is considered ‘false play’. every season has inherent qualities, as do we. we will explore the fiery nature of pitta in ourselves, learn to recognize when it’s out of balance, and how to recalibrate with restorative play.

in this soothing and restorative experience, minna sivola and lila taff offer tools to support you in preparation for summer.

restorative yoga + sound bath + ayurveda education + guided and unguided meditations + explorative writing + cooling refreshments + summer self-care guide with tools for balancing excess pitta

noble yoga // sonoma // saturday may 18 // 4–7p

$50 // register at


HOMEWORK // download and print the emotional and physical symptoms questionnaires, then follow the instructions to complete. The study begins now!

+ blanket or shawl
+ journal and pen
+ wear comfortable clothing
+ try not to eat for an hour or two before the start time

330–4 arrive and set up
4–7 workshop program
7–730 optional mingle

about lila //

i studied and worked in architecture, dreaming of one day owning a practice. for reasons i understood later, i decided not to pursue that path that i set out on. as i transitioned away from architecture, i developed a keen interest in well-being. i found movement and cleansing practices that lit me up unlike anything before. i became a teacher at the dailey method and began to unearth parts of myself that had been hiding. i found vitaliti wellness clean eating programs and discovered an even deeper relationship with my body.

my studies of meditation, yoga, and ayurveda began informing everything i pursued. well-being became my personal priority. awareness became my practice. when that became clear, tools began to flow to me. i received my 200 hour teaching certification from stephanie snyder and 250 hours in clinical ayurveda studies with deanna batdorff. i teach vinyasa yoga, ayurvedic lifestyle, and i host gatherings and workshops that invite one to press pause.

creating space is still in my blood, despite the departure from architecture. there are few things more fulfilling to me than gathering people together and facilitating nourishment and connection.

about minna //

minna sivola is a certified sound practitioner, teacher and mentor. in her private sound healing sessions, workshops and public events, minna creates a nurturing and safe space for rejuvenation and harmony. drawing on her decade long direct experience and extensive studies, minna blends sound healing and multiple body based practices to induce and empower wellbeing. more information and self help practices can be found at

get a taste of minna’s work in this short film i made for her.

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