sadhana can simply be a daily spiritual practice. a commitment to practicing the yoga. mind you, yoga is not limited to the type of practice in which you put on certain clothes, roll out a mat, and move your body into a sequence of postures. it can be. and there are many more ways to attune yourself to what is coming to you.

the modern lifestyle (physically demanding, spiritually taxing) in which many of us engage—and become victim to—does not always serve the awakening process. it stops serving us when external forces start owning us. when we give our sovereignty over to the ego and possessions, we lose contact with the truth, the energy which binds the entire universe. 

sadhana is about opening your receiving channels and listening to your higher self, in the most basic way.



officially trained in the vinyasa tradition, i like to interweave bhakti (yoga of devotion), kirtan (chanting sacred mantra), as well as work on the subtle body (to prepare us to transition into the aquarian age), then steep all of that in the teachings of gautama the buddha (from vipassana meditation training).

of course, a private class will be tailored specifically for you. this is my general approach. for beginners, you can expect a steady pace with more focus on alignment. 





tailored sessions with lila taff


+ deepen your understanding of the body

+ develop a home yoga practice

+ prepare yourself for public group classes

+ receive personal attention and hands-on assists 

+ without leaving your house

60 minute session / 75$

90 minute session / 100


if you would like to schedule* private yoga sessions, fill out the questionnaire below, which will help me plan the best class i can for you:

*bay area only, for now.